Our Homestead Goals


Everyone’s idea of the perfect homestead is different, based on the things in life that are important to them. My own desires for our mini farm have changed drastically over the past few years, with the biggest changes occurring the moment I knew I was going to become a mother.

Now that our homestead and daughter are here, we’ve taken a look at our current goals and dreams to decide how we want our homestead to look. I expect we will continue to grow and change the vision in our heads as we undertake each project and time passes, but I want to outline some of the key goals we have in mind now as these will inevitably be the topic of the upcoming Creating Our Homestead mini series posts.

  1. Clear out all the overgrown bushes and weeds
  2. Remove sick and dead trees from our property
  3. Remove all the flowers and decorative plants from the rear garden beds to make room for our vegetables and herbs
  4. Start a mini “orchard” with blackberries, raspberries, golden raspberries as well as peach trees and apple trees
  5. Tear down the old shed in our backyard
  6. Build a new shed farther back in our property for lawn and gardening equipment
  7. Set up two rainwater catching systems – one for our chickens’ waterer, and the other to save water for the garden
  8. Start beekeeping
  9. Tear out all the weeds and redesign our front walkway garden beds with medicinal herbs and flowers
  10. Collect and prepare 5 years worth of firewood
  11. Build a small barn in the front of our property for the larger farm equipment and machinery; with a separate room for processing deer and poultry

These goals are things we would like to achieve in the next 1-2 years, although the barn may be a project that waits longer than that. Some of our other goals that are farther off include renovating our 1.5 bathrooms, replacing our back deck, planting grape vines for wine production, and raising more chickens for meat with the idea of possibly raising some pheasants as well.

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